• MTS Contest #70

    MTS Contest #70

    It's finally here, the 70th MTS Contest! This week's contest was really incredible, with some really diverse sounds and some really outstanding entries.

  • KDrew - Summer Ashes (feat. Taryn Manning)

    KDrew - Summer Ashes (feat. Taryn Manning)

    KDrew is back, with a perfect summer anthem once again with Taryn Manning's vocals. It has an incredibly energetic beginning, quickly building up into some even more awesome sounds, when the sweet drop hits. It's an awesome piece of work, check this out! It will really lift your spi-ashes

  • MTS Contest #69

    MTS Contest #69

    This week's contest is now over! Here are the awesome winners of this week's contest, congratulations!

  • MTS Contest #68

    MTS Contest #68

    This week's contest is now over, with 3 winners and 3 honorable mentions! These entries have been incredible, with some awesome variety, congratulations everyone!

  • Dirty South and Those Usual Suspects Feat. Erik Hecht - Walking Alone (AMAGIO remix)

    Dirty South and Those Usual Suspects Feat. Erik Hecht - Walking Alone (AMAGIO remix)

    We're back at last! Today, I've got Amagio's sweet progressive house remix of "Walking Along," which features some incredible sounds. Erik Hecht's vocals really play a huge part in this remix, where they flow freely with the sweeping synthlines, giving this remix an amazing sounding atmosphere. Give this a listen!

  • MitiS - Pain

    MitiS - Pain

    MitiS's stuff gets better and better with each release, and his latest track, Pain, is an incredible, breathtaking piece of work. This piece of drum and bass has some incredible flow, with every element progressing to the next flawlessly. The synthwork is unmatched by others, with an upbeat, brisk melody. Check this out, you will not be disappointed!

Felix Cartal - New Scene (Lucky Date x Felix Cartal Remix)


Here's Lucky Date and Felix Cartal's remix of Cartal's own New Scene. With a deep introduction, it later builds up into some really uplifting sounds, with the incredible vocals of the original. It's really fun to listen to, check this out!

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We're Back!

Hey everybody! Sorry for the lack of activity in the past few months, but we are finally back now! We will resume contests in a few weeks, and continue daily promotions.


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MTS Contest #72

Here are the winners of the 72nd MTS Contest!

1) R!OT - Lather (Rinse It Part 3)
Lather (Rinse It Part 3) is another astounding track by R!OT that shows true talent. This electro track by R!OT takes things to a whole new level, with its incredible vibes, and crazy riffs. It also puts on a great show, with its live launchpad performance. Check this out, its really incredible! Congratulations R!OT!

2) Venelli - SIX
SIX, by Venelli, is a really relaxing tune, and has an incredible atomsphere. It's instrumentals really give you a feeling that's out of this world. Give this a listen, I'm sure you'll enjoy it!
3) Ason ID - Colours
Ason ID's latest song, Colours, is a full fledged progressive house track, with incredibly slick production and beautiful melodies. It's really uplifting, and has an amazing feel to it. Congratulations Ason ID!
Honorable Mentions:

  • Unfamiliar Identity: XVII: This instrumental dubstep track has a really liquid atmosphere, where it then drops into some deep bass and darker feelings. Check this out!
  • F3tto - We Gettin Down: We Gettin Down is an upbeat, fun to listen to track featuring an awesome vocoder, driving the track through.
  • Tuben - Carousel: Carousel is an awesome house tune by Tuben. It has some really awesome melodies, and some really great sounding synths. 

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Zake - Fruit Biscuit


Zake is back, with an incredibly clean, uplifting track, "Fruit Biscuit." This house track takes a huge turn from his older tracks, with a different style of melody, while maintaining his original signature sounds. Check this out!

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MTS Contest #71

This week's contest is finally over! Here are the winners of this week's contest.

1) Ty Le Ware - Onder De Golven (Short Mix)
Onder De Golven, by Ty Le Ware, is an incredible piece of trance. It starts off with a really ambient introduction, later progressing into some more uplifting sounds, and overall, consists of an extremely energetic, fun feeling. Congratulations Ty Le Ware!
2) SPECtor G - The Sky Is Your Kingdom
The Sky is Your Kingdom is another epic track by SPECtor G, with some incredible vocals that give the track true heart and spirit. It has some incredible melodies, and some sweet wobbles in between, completely dominating the track. Check this out, it's incredible!
3) Synvasion - Da Pong
Synvasion's Da Pong is a really unique track. With an incredibly bassy introduction, it later picks up with some sweet sounding synthlines. It's energetic, fun, and awesome to listen to, congratulations Synvasion!

Honorable Mentions:

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Urbanstep - Voices


Voices is a really incredible piece of work by Urbanstep. This dubstep track really takes things to a new level, with its epic introduction, later building up into a truely amazing drop. It's really unique, sounding like no other track, and does a great job with its melodies. Check this out!

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MTS Contest #70

It's finally here, the 70th MTS Contest! This week's contest was really incredible, with some really diverse sounds and some really outstanding entries.

1) Dada Life - Happy Violence (Urbanstep Remix)
Urbanstep does it again, this time with his awesome dubstep remix of Happy Violence that he is entering in Dada Life's remix contest. It takes a huge deviation from the original, with its incredible built up introduction, gradually breaking into an really awesome drop. It has a really progressive feeling, with some incredible synthlines built into the track. Congratulations Urbanstep!
 2) Lejvi - Lost Horizon
Lost Horizon, by Lejvi, is an outstanding piece of uplifting trance. It's both relaxing and energetic at the same time, which really makes it unique. Its melodies are absolutely phenomenal, and has some incredible progression, with the track ending in a bang. Check this track out!
 3) Lightya - Into My Head
Into My Head is an epic liquid drum and bass track, featuring some incredible melodies, and a really relaxing bassline. It has an really great introduction, that quickly builds up into the liquidy drop. Congratulations Lightya on placing 3rd! Honorable Mentions:

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