||MTS Contest #10|| Scooter-Nessaja (AKA Remix)



Our 10th MTS Contest was a huge success! With over 120 participants, it was one of our largest contests up to date! However, there were only 3 winners, even out of the 31 finalists. The decisions made weren't easy.

1) Scooter-Nessaja(AKA Remix)

Akaki really delivered with this sick remix of Nessaja by Scooter. This track is pure energy, with an amazing bassline. The buildups and breakdowns in this song were great. This was definitely a standout track, great job, and congratulations!

2) M3H - Don't Look at Me!

This electro track by M3H really delivered, with a crazy introduction. Its beautiful, and yet ominous, with the baby screaming "don't, don't, don't." Awesome track, great job M3H, and congratulations!

3) Trandcention - Striations

Trandcention entered the contest with a very dark, but melodic song. It started off extremely chill, and dropped into an orchestral feel. Great job, and congratulations Trandcention on placing 3rd!

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