MTS Contest #38

This week's contest is now over! We have some returning winners, and many new ones in this week's contest. Without further ado, here they are!

1) Jinco & Goshfather - Discovery Project: Escape from Wonderland
Jinco entered with his original track for the Escape from Wonderland project. It's a really awesome, dark, electro tune that kicks off with a great start. It has some deep bass that creeps in, with a chilling melody. This quickly builds into a really unique, but awesome drop. It's a really chilling track, with some awesome vocals. Congratulations Jinco and Goshfather!

Jinco: Soundcloud | Facebook | Youtube
2) Zach Mayer - Dixco
Dixco, by Zach Mayer, is an amazing feel-good track. It has a great Madeon-sound to it, with some crazy chords and beautiful synth sounds. The guitar plays with such freedom, combining with the arp souunds. This is a really uplifting tune, check it out!

Zach Mayer: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter
3) Ax3s - After Life
After Life is a really sweet sounding trancey electro house track by Ax3s. It has a glowing intro with some really ambient and thick sounds. It has a really awesome trancey feel that is coupled by some electro sounds. Give this a listen! Congratulations Ax3s!

Ax3s: Soundcloud | Facebook 

Honorable Mentions:

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