MTS Contest #40

We've come a long way, with 40 contests up to this point. The winners of this week had phenomenal tracks, with a wide range of genres. Here are the winners of this week's contest! 

1) Omar Varela - My Revenge is Coming (VIP)
14 year old Omar Varela, aka Brostex, entered with an incredible VIP remix of his track, "My Revenge is Coming." This dubstep tune really takes dubstep to the next level with an awesome, deep and melodic intro that builds into a heavy but moderate drop. The drums boom along perfectly with the heavy bass. This is a really awesome track, congratulations Omar Varela!
Omar Varela: Soundcloud | Facebook | Youtube
2) Harbinger - Mantis

Mantis is a piece of awesome melodic drum and bass track by Harbinger. Harbinger does some great things with his tune, keeping it hard but making it flow awesomely. The melodic synths chop through the bass like butter. Give this a listen!
Harbinger: Soundcloud Facebook Youtube
3) Tenishia & Ruben de Ronde feat. Shannon Hurley - Love Survives (BeZ Remix)
BeZ entered with his trance remix of Love Survives. It has a sick intro that blends Shannon Hurley's vocals with some awesome trancey sounds. It later breaks down and then rises into some awesome bassy sounds with a killer melody. Congratulations BeZ!
BeZ: Soundcloud | Facebook | Website

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Ballistics - Oxygen (feat. Anna C): Ballistics' Oxygen is a really fun sounding electro-house track with a really unique drop with some awesome vocals from Anna C.
  2. Deficio - Southern Lights: Southern Lights is an original mix by Deficio. This electro house tune has a crazy drop with a banging bass, with some other awesome elements as well, Check it out!
  3. Mondotek - Alive (Boltcutter & TIMarbury Remix): Boltcutter & TIMarbury's remix of Alive give you the impression of awesome, heavy, dark sounds the moment you first listen to it. It's got an awesome electro drop that smashes through.

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