MTS Contest #51

This week's contest is now over! Here are the winners and honorable mentions of this week's contest! Congratulations everyone!

1) P. Kwiva - Living Nightmare
Living Nightmare, by P. Kwiva, has some incredible sounds. It has some influences from Seven Lions, with the spacey, bassy synths that build into an incredible drop. The vocals in Living Nightmare are really fitting -- catchy, and dark. It's an awesome sounding track, congratulations P. Kwiva!
P. Kwiva: Soundcloud | Facebook
2) Paul Atrocity - Lost In Space
You may remember Paul Atrocity from several past MTS contests. This week, he entered with his dubstep track Lost In Space. It's got some great vibes that couple the sweet vocals from Paul Atrocity, and broken down with an awesome drop. Check it out!
Paul Atrocity: Soundcloud | Facebook
3) Deaf Noize - Retro Alchemy
Deaf Noize entered this week's contest with some sweet glitch hop. It's got some awesome glitchy synths that give this track a lot of flavor. They work well with the well developed sounds, with a nice rhythm. Congratulations Deaf Noize!
Deaf Noize: Soundcloud | Facebook  
Honorable Mentions:
  • Omar Varela - Burnin Up: This piece of drumstep is as hard as it gets, with some sick bass that really gets you moving. Give it a listen!
  • Whatcha Say (IDestiny Remix): IDestiny's remix of Whatcha Say gives a completely new twist on the original track, taking Imogen Heap's vocals and doing wonders with them.
  • Dj Drive - Myriad: This is an awesomely catchy piece of electro, with some smooth and dirty sounds that give it a cool feeling.

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