MTS Contest #60

This week's contest has come to a close! It's pretty amazing how far we've gotten, with 60 total MTS Contests up to this point. But without further ado, here are the winners of this week's contest!

1) Urbanstep - Unreachable (ft. Em Bollon)
Uncreachable, by Urbanstep, is one of the most phenomenal pieces of electro dubstep that I've heard in a while. It's really special, and takes a completely different route from many other pieces of dubstep, focusing truely on the song rather than purely on the drop. It also has some great vocals from Em Bollon that fit into this production perfectly. Congratulations Urbanstep and Em Bollon on placing 1st in this week's contest!
Urbanstep: Soundcloud | Facebook
2) Lejvi - A Thousand Kisses Deep
Lejvi entered this week's contest with some great sounding progressive trance. It has a really chilled feeling in the beginning, but progresses into some great melodic arps, into the meat of the track. It is very melodic, uplifting, and has a great feeling overall. Check it out!
Lejvi: Soundcloud 
3) Emrik - Dopaminet
 Here's some sweet progressive house by Emrik. Dopaminet has a sweet introduction, that only gets better and better as it goes on. The synthlines really kill it here, and give a really awesome feeling throughout. Congratulations Emrik on placing 3rd in this week's contest!
Emrik: Soundcloud | Facebook
Honorable Mentions:

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