MTS Contest #66


1) Bayfield - Melodi
Melodi, by Bayfield, is an incredibly chilled and melodic track that has so many unique characteristics. It gives a really grand appearance right from its epic introduction, but then builds up with some incredibly diverse synth riffs. Its progression is really incredible, and listening to Melodi is a journey on its own It's really incredible how this piece plays out, congratulations Bayfield!
2) Amin Keyhan & BeZ - Law Of Attraction
Law of Attraction is a collab between Amin Keyhan and BeZ. This piece of trance starts off with a really smooth feeling, but progresses into some heavier sounds with some crazy synthlines lining the edges of the bass. Check this out!
3) Urbanstep - Living On The Edge (Pt. 1)
Urbanstep is a master at creating melodic dubstep, and this drumstep tune is no exception. Living on the Edge really shows Urbanstep's talent as he builds from an incredibly smooth piano introduction into an intense drop. This tune is upbeat, energetic, and really fun to listen to, congratulations Urbanstep on placing 3rd!
Honorable Mentions:
  • SPECtor G - Kill Me SOFTLY: SPECtor G's dubstep track is an incredible piece of work, utilizing the vocals Phoenix perfectly throughout itself.
  • Alea Rae - An Honest Man (Starcom Remix): Starcom really went hard in this remix of An Honest Man by Alea Rae, with its heavy basslines and other sounds that really make this remix unique.
  • BOT - Atlas: BOT's original track, Atlas, has some really groovy synthlines that blend amazingly with the other elements of the track.

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