MTS Contest #68

Here are the winners of the 68th weekly MTS Contest! Congratulations!

1) I Could Be The One (SPECtor G Remix)
SPECtor G is the winner of this week's contest! His remix of "I Could Be The One" is absolutely incredible, with some awesome spliced vocals that assist in this tracks progression. He does a great job building up the track, creating an awesome feeling that lets go in the drop. Congratulations SPECtor G!!
2) Impulse - Summer
Impulse creates an incredible atmosphere in "Summer," with its relaxing, summer-melody feeling. The melodies are outstanding, and fits in perfectly with the theme of the song. Check this out!
3) Felix Cartal & Clockwork ft. Madame Buttons-The Fire (Kris Holiday & Zane Hill Remix)
This remix of the Fire, by Kris Holiday and Zane Hill, has some incredible elements to it. It works the original vocals in, building up into the awesomely bouncy drop. It's incredibly uplifting, and it's a really awesome feel-good track. Congratulations Kris Holiday and Zane Hill!
Honorable Mentions:
  • Maneo - Coffee & Cigarette: An incredible summer anthem, Maneo's track takes it to the next with its uplifting synthlines, and its beautiful atmospheres.
  • I Hate Music (IDestiny Remix): IDestiny's remix is extremely filthy, but works in some awesome riffs and synthlines throughout.
  • jCoke - Circle: Circle has a chilled, uplifting atmosphere, and its unique style makes for an incredible experience!

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