MTS Contest #70

It's finally here, the 70th MTS Contest! This week's contest was really incredible, with some really diverse sounds and some really outstanding entries.

1) Dada Life - Happy Violence (Urbanstep Remix)
Urbanstep does it again, this time with his awesome dubstep remix of Happy Violence that he is entering in Dada Life's remix contest. It takes a huge deviation from the original, with its incredible built up introduction, gradually breaking into an really awesome drop. It has a really progressive feeling, with some incredible synthlines built into the track. Congratulations Urbanstep!
 2) Lejvi - Lost Horizon
Lost Horizon, by Lejvi, is an outstanding piece of uplifting trance. It's both relaxing and energetic at the same time, which really makes it unique. Its melodies are absolutely phenomenal, and has some incredible progression, with the track ending in a bang. Check this track out!
 3) Lightya - Into My Head
Into My Head is an epic liquid drum and bass track, featuring some incredible melodies, and a really relaxing bassline. It has an really great introduction, that quickly builds up into the liquidy drop. Congratulations Lightya on placing 3rd! Honorable Mentions:

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