MTS Contest #72

Here are the winners of the 72nd MTS Contest!

1) R!OT - Lather (Rinse It Part 3)
Lather (Rinse It Part 3) is another astounding track by R!OT that shows true talent. This electro track by R!OT takes things to a whole new level, with its incredible vibes, and crazy riffs. It also puts on a great show, with its live launchpad performance. Check this out, its really incredible! Congratulations R!OT!

2) Venelli - SIX
SIX, by Venelli, is a really relaxing tune, and has an incredible atomsphere. It's instrumentals really give you a feeling that's out of this world. Give this a listen, I'm sure you'll enjoy it!
3) Ason ID - Colours
Ason ID's latest song, Colours, is a full fledged progressive house track, with incredibly slick production and beautiful melodies. It's really uplifting, and has an amazing feel to it. Congratulations Ason ID!
Honorable Mentions:

  • Unfamiliar Identity: XVII: This instrumental dubstep track has a really liquid atmosphere, where it then drops into some deep bass and darker feelings. Check this out!
  • F3tto - We Gettin Down: We Gettin Down is an upbeat, fun to listen to track featuring an awesome vocoder, driving the track through.
  • Tuben - Carousel: Carousel is an awesome house tune by Tuben. It has some really awesome melodies, and some really great sounding synths. 

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